Bulk Book Review: Picture Books, Set 1

  • The Great Kiwi ABC Book by Donovan Bixley
  • Skip to the Loo, My Darling by Sally Lloyd-Jones, Illustrated by Anita Jeram
  • Baa Baa Smart Sheep by Mark and Rowan Sommerset
  • I Love Lemonade by Mark and Rowan Sommerset


The Great Kiwi ABC Book


Donovan Bixley:

Age Group: 1-4 Years

I will no doubt rave about Donovan Bixley until the end of my days. He is an absolutely amazing illustrator who’s work will leap off the page with every turn. Every character has so much life and colour and personality that you cannot help but fall in love with every one of them. The Great Kiwi ABC Book is beautifully illustrated with the letters of the alphabet and corresponding characters that will help your young one learn their ABC’s with Donovan’s beautiful visual aids. This is a great book for little New Zealanders growing into their heritage as well as being a very educational book for little growing minds outside of the country to learn a few little things about what makes New Zealand, New Zealand! From the classic fish and chips, to the endangered Kiwi bird and the large industry of sheep farming, it doesn’t matter! I’m sure your young ones will fall in love with Donovan’s illustrations as much as I have.


Skip to the Loo, My Darling!


Sally Lloyd-Jones:

Anita Jeram:

Age Group: 18+ Months

For any child around 18+ months or at the level of emotional readiness to start learning to use the potty, this little potty training book is fantastically gorgeous for your little ones who are ready to start moving away from nappies and onto the potty. A lot of professionals and mothers know that moving a child from nappies to “big boy” or “big girl” toilet can be hard and not every child will be emotionally ready for it, which is why great little books like these are around to help encourage your child to take the big step to becoming a big kid. The illustrations are absolutely fabulous and are accompanied with beautiful sing song words that will aid your child in their growing development.


Baa Baa Smart Sheep


Mark and Rowan Sommerset:

Age Group: 1-4 Years

Baa Baa Smart Sheep is a funny and witty book about a little sheep named Baa Baa who is actually more intelligent that he likes to let off; or maybe Quirky Turkey isn’t very good at reading situations? This clever and prank loving little sheep decides in his boredom that it would be fun to play a prank on the poor unknowing Quirky. After Baa Baa sees a little goat do his business and Quirky steps into frame, Baa Baa suddenly gets a terrible idea for a prank, and his target is Quirky! A great book for giggles and family entertainment.


I Love Lemonade


Mark and Rowan Sommerset:

Age Group: 1-4 Years

The sequel to Baa Baa Smart Sheep, I Love Lemonade is the story about how Quirky Turkey gets his revenge on little Baa Baa for his terrible prank that he played on Quirky in the first book. Quirky is determined to play the same game and outwit Baa Baa, but it looks like the little sheep is more intelligent than Quirky expected. Will Quirky get his revenge? Or will little Baa Baa outsmart him again? Another funny an hilarious book filled with giggles and family entertainment.


Until next time, keep turning those pages.

xx Phoenix



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