Book Review: Artemis Fowl

TITLE: Artemis Fowl Book 1: Artemis Fowl

AUTHOR: Eoin Colfer

AGE GROUP: Young Readers, 8-12

   I found myself on the fence between okay and good when reading this novel, and before I delve any further into this I feel it fair to state that I was bearing in mind the age group that my local bookstore places this novel in, and on that basis explains the majority of my review.

   First things first, I think the main issue I had with this novel was how young the main character is. He’s twelve, a genius, and a criminal mastermind. I found this the only difficult concept to grasp and it made the character a tad unbelievable and tough to focus on. He’s very mature for his age and is acting in ways I would never have expected from a twelve year old.

   Don’t get me wrong, a kid genius isn’t impossible and I’m fully aware and in no way disputing that fact, I just found Artemis a little too unrealistic and other than his age I just couldn’t quite put my finger on what else may be causing this.

   On the basis of some of the present themes in this novel, I personally feel that this would be a story suited to the older end of the age group, the eleven to twelves – perhaps even as far as the thirteen-fourteen year old readers – and that’s purely what I feel based on the evidence of suggestible themes. Although swearing is not actually used in the novel as characters tend to get cut off before their tongue slips, it’s not that difficult to figure out exactly what a character is trying to get at. I know children are swearing from a younger age and that a lot of them are exposed to unnecessary amounts of swearing – I mean, in today’s modern world, who isn’t? – but I just feel like it’s not always applicable nor necessary to have it in novels for a younger audience.

   Now to look past the age group my local bookstore has placed it in, ‘d like to take a look a little further into this novel – if this was a book set for Young Adults 13+ it would be a fantastic book that I would encourage anyone to read. It’s filled with action and adventure, and has an awesome twist on the magical world. It provides a great tale and in all honesty I’m looking forward to trying out the rest of the series to see where it intended to go.

   Overall – once again my rating has been based on the age group my bookstore has placed this novel in – I only rated this novel to be 2.5/5 Stars, but given that I still want to continue the series may also change my thoughts about this later on.

Until next time, keep turning those pages.

xx Phoenix


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