Book Review: The Invisible Man

Title: The Invisible Man

Author: H. G. Wells

Genre: Science Fiction

   Back to back reading of two books by the same author! This was a first for me, I don’t usually follow on from what I’ve just read – whether it’s a series of books or something by the same author, I have to give my brain time to refresh and sync with the content I’ve just received; but this was the first time I didn’t need to!

   H. G. Wells is turning out to be one of my favourite old school authors – I just bought a copy of The War of the Worlds a few days ago that i plan on reading in the next few weeks. I’ve already read “The Island of Doctor Moreau” and “The Time Machine”.

   Griffin – who is The Invisible Man – is a scientist who has researched and invented a way to change the refractive index of the body to have the qualities of air, making it unable to absorb or refract light and thus giving his body it’s invisible qualities. After he attempts the experiment on himself, he finds it a success but he fails to be able to reverse it and is now trapped in a body no one can see. While yes it does have it’s advantages, it comes with a few negatives too.

The one negative to this whole fiasco Griffin has going on, is that – although I’m sure he enjoys running around naked – his clothes are visible when worn, but he can choose the stealth attack method by going full moon.

You’d think being invisible would have driven Griffin to insanity but it turns out he’s just psychotic for the sake of being psychotic; seriously, the guy is a total a**hole. He’s the ultimate definition of Mad Scientist.

Nonetheless, this made to be an absolutely fantastic novel about a jerk who ultimately get’s his comeuppance by the end. H G Wells has once again amused me in my journey to read his work and kept me entertained for hours whilst I read this one. Despite being 120 years old, I found it very easy to read – unlike a lot of old school novels that make you want to destroy things in the frustration classic literature brings (for me anyway).

I am undoubtedly over the moon about having added this to my collection and am thrilled to say that I look forward to reading more of this mans work in the months to come.

   As a final, I gave this one a 4/5 stars.

Until next time, keep turning those pages.

xx Phoenix


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