Book Review: The Ugly Truth

Title: Diary of a Wimpy Kid, Book 5: The Ugly Truth

Author: Jeff Kinney

Age Group: Young Readers, 8-12.

   I read some of these novels at random a few years ago and only recently decided to pick them up again and continue from where I left off; and I can honestly say that this series is one of the few that I have always thoroughly enjoyed. It’s like a “slice of life” but for a younger audience; the same sort of category that I place Are You There God? It’s Me Margaret by Judy Blume in – they’re informative fiction that are still funny enough to hold the attention of the reader.

   One thing that Gregory was looking forward to in this novel was “The Talk” that his grandma was going to have with him. He was thrilled, thinking that she was going to be passing on some super cool family secrets with him – but as it turns out, she’s just going to have a slightly varied version of the puberty talk with him.

   This is going back to the point I made in my first paragraph, the characters are starting to go through body changes – as children do in the ripe age barriers of 8-14 – and this is one of the best ways to go about it. Gregory is interested in a girl that’s in the year above him, Rowley things he’s super cool because he got his first pimple, and – when the story begins – Rowley and Gregory aren’t on talking terms with one another and this is pretty standard of young children. When the hormones start raging, this age is a difficult time, and novels like these bring a little something funny to it.

   Overall, I’m super excited to continue reading the series; I forgot how awesome it was.

   This one got an awesome 4/5 Stars from me.

Until next time, keep turning those pages.

xx Phoenix


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