Short Story: Flight

   Anxiously she waited near the door, pacing; anticipating the very second the barrier between her and her freedom would swing open and set her running through the vast open fields.

She tried to call out and see if conceivably there would be someone who could open the door for her. Thus she went from room to room, looking; seeing if there was a body capable of helping.

For you see, the door was locked, and she was unable to open it herself. There were times when she would stretch out to reach for the handle and she called out to the person unlocking, but she was just helpless when it came to sliding the bolt at the top.

   Her calls finally made it through as life began to stir in one of the far rooms of the house. This time her calls were that of excitement in lieu of the need of aid. Sprinting to the door, she paced excitedly, she was a very transient being and couldn’t wait for the door to open.

   A hand reached up, pulling the bolt with a clunk, and – another hand – reached out and twisted the door knob; the dominant click of the push lock sounding at last. The door swung open, the cool breeze of the early dawn air brushed across her face as she ran out the door, getting almost to speed by the time she hit the driveway.

   It was still the early days of autumn, but the morning air was already proving to be quite crisp and chill. Leaves were slowly starting to populate the bases of their respective trees, with the large majority still hanging to branches.

   She ran faster as she got to the top of the driveway, her joy purely taking over the situation, imitating in a rush of adrenaline that was coursing through her. In the blinding dash, she was unaware of the noises around her: all she knew was her and her freedom. Sometimes we get to the end of our nine lives.

   She looked at the last minute at the headlights that came rushing at her, she panicked, and scrambled for the side of the road. At the sound of squealing breaks, she flew like a leave in a breeze, up and out of the way. It took her a moment to come to grips with the sensation but she was soon able to right herself again. However, when she had come to right herself, she didn’t quite feel right. It was light a dizzy, lightheaded sensation that had come over her

   There was yelling now, shouts of, “Why were you travelling so fast?!” and “these are residential roads!”, followed closely by threats of, “I’m going to report you!” and “I’ll call the police!”. She let out a call so her voice could be heard. A way to say, I’m here and okay, but she wasn’t being heard. She tried again but it was to no avail.

   Once her head cleared slightly and her vision became less of a blur, it was almost as though she was staring in a mirror until she was able to fathom what it was that was playing out in front of her. There was the face, the legs, some blood, the body, and … here was the tail.

   She looked around once more, trying to wrap her head around exactly what she was seeing, but surely this was all a dream? She realized that the flying sensation she’d felt earlier at the sound of the breaks was just her moving out the way … her moving out her body.

   As her owners wrapped her lifeless body in a blanket and cried into the bundle, she let out one last meow that fell onto deaf ears.


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